My name is Jeroen Joosten and I live in The Netherlands. I started painting portraits in 2008. This was after working for 30 years as a Visual Merchandiser in several major Dutch and international companies.

Although this is a very creative job I always had the ambition to paint portraits.
For me this was the logical “next step” in my career.
So, when the opportunity came along, I took it straightaway.

I prefer painting portraits of people and sometimes animals too. The paint I use is acrylic and the colour gold is something you can often find in my current work. I like to describe my work as:

“ figurative, strong, stylish, and modern ”

You’ll find examples of my work on this website and I hope you enjoy watching them.

Are you interested in a portrait of yourself, family or friends? Do you want to have more information concerning the shown paintings, prices or about the way I work? Please leave a message and I will contact you as soon as possible.

It is wonderful for me to be able to make these paintings and I sincerely hope that my work inspires you to respond and in return inspire me even more.