Press Release

Almere, 15-10-2013

The Dutch artist Jeroen Joosten will exhibit his portraits at Omroep Flevoland in Lelystad.

The exhibition will start Friday the 18th of October and last until Sunday the 5th of January 2014.

Jeroen Joosten is autodidact. After a career of more than 30 years as a Visual Merchandiser he started painting portraits in 2008. He prefers to paint portraits of people and sometimes animals too. He paints in acrylic and gold is a color he often uses.

His work is ‘ figurative, modern, stylish and strong ‘. The exhibition is an overview of his paintings from 2009 onwards.

Your visit to Omroep Flevoland is much appreciated.
Our address is: Larserpoortweg 40, Lelystad.
Opening hours are: Monday till Friday from 10.00a.m. till 18.00p.m.
On Saturday we are open from 08.00a.m. till noon.

Press Release

Almere, 23-08-2013,

On Saturday the 24th of August Jeroen Joosten will exhibit his portraits at Gallery Riet-Art in Velp, the Netherlands.

The exhibition will last until the 7th of October and many of his new portraits will be on display.

From the 24th until the 31st of August there will be an openings reception week.

Visitors can admire the paintings while enjoying a snack and a drink

Galerie Riet-Art
Emmastraat 13
6881SM Velp
Open: Woensdag t/m zaterdag
13:00u. tot 17:30u.
Tel: 06-41075230

Press release

Almere: 12-06-2013

From June the 22nd until August the 15th Jeroen Joosten will exhibit his portraits at the Art Centre Jillian in Almere.

Art Centre Jillian is founded by Jill de Vries and located in the 2nd WTC tower behind the Central Station in Almere. The owner was looking for a temporarily solution because the building was empty for quite some time. A gallery seemed to be the perfect solution.

Jillian also offers variety of workshops.

The central location and the fantastic radiation are a real pro. All of this makes it surely worth a visit.

You can recognize Jeroen’s portraits by the modern, stylish and light atmosphere and the use of the color gold in the background. All his portraits are painted in acrylic paint.

More information concerning his work you can find on: or on his Facebook page.

Jeroen will exhibit with several other artists and the opening reception will be on Saturday the 22nd from 14.00h till 16.00h.

The opening hours are:
Thu. from 10.00h till 16.00h
Fri. from 10.00h till 16.00h

Address: Mandelaplein 1
1313 CG Almere
Tel: 06-23360904

Almere, 03-01-2012From January the 2nd until the end of March Jeroen Joosten will exhibit his portraits at Sanquin in Almere. The bloodbank, located near the Central Station, will be the décor for this exhibition. The portraits fit in quite well as they represent the reason why people donate their blood.

Jeroen paints portraits and in commission also animals. His paintings are stylish, bright and colorful. For the background he often uses the color gold. Portrait painted by Jeroen Joosten. All his portraits are painted acrylic paint.

The exhibition is open to everybody. Information about locations and opening hours are to be found at:

Jeroen paints his portraits now for 4,5 years and gets his inspiration from daily live and internet.

Jeroen also works in commission and many examples are to be found on his website: and on Facebook.

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Riet Art Presenteert

Een Menselijk Gezicht

Met veel plezier nodigt Galerie Riet Art u uit voor een expositie van

Jeroen Joosten

Zijn realistische portretten zijn van hoog niveau. Figuratief, strak, licht gestileerd en modern.

In de openingsweek van 2 november tot 6 november staat er een hapje en drankje voor u klaar.

De expositie is te bezoeken vanaf Woensdag 2 november

De expositie loopt t/m 17 december 2011

Galerie Riet Art
Emmastraat 13
6881SM Velp

Tel; 06-41075230

Openingstijden; Woensdag t/m zaterdag 13:00 uur tot 17:30 uur

Press release

Almere, 14-02-2011

Portrait exhibition Town Hall Almere.

During the month of March Jeroen Joosten will exhibit his portraits in the Town Hall of Almere. You will find the exhibition in the C-Passage ( Sociale Zaken ).

Jeroen’s studio is located in Almere, where he paints his portraits, man and animal, in acrylic for over 2,5 years now. A number of these paintings will be exhibited in the Town Hall.

Jeroen paints his portraits from pictures and in commission.
“ Strong, figurative, stylish and modern” will define his work in combination with the color gold. A color he uses a lot in the background of his paintings.

If you require more information, please visit the website: or on Facebook.